Enjoying collagen

On a late afternoon close to April 15th, or “Good collagen day” (as its Japanese pronunciation sounds similar to the date) with spring breeze, women who are always concerned about maintain their body and practice healthy beauty, ambushed Mr. Uchiyama, a researcher at Shiseido GIC (Global Innovation Center) with questions. He worked day and night on collagen research and acquired Shiseido's beauty patent (Patent No. 4917189: A beauty patent from the combination of the formulated ingredients, cowberry and amla fruit). They questioned him about questions that they have always had about collagen!

First, Mr. Uchiyama gave a face-to-face lecture on the true identity of collagen. They rarely have a chance to hear from the researchers directly. For that reason, they were a little nervous in the beginning, but they were able to express agreement, listened attentively to Mr. Uchiyama's easy-to-understand explanation and some even took notes seriously.

They asked everything they wanted to know about collagen!

Then, there was a Q&A session. It was an active session with numerous questions including some simple ones about collagen and other ones being a little deeper.

The basics about collagen intake

Ms. Tamura
First, I would like to know when is the best time to take collagen?
Mr. Uchiyama, researcher
We are in the process of studying this question, but we have a hypothesis that it is the best to take it about 2 hours before going to bed because it is made when while sleeping. However, the hypothesis still needs to be verified. Also, I would like to clarify something. I think you have all heard that if you eat some shark fin, you skin will become plump the next day. From the results of our research so far, we believe that this is not due to the increase of collagen but rather, the production of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can be produced immediately but is also degraded quickly. On the other hand, collagen is produced slowly and degraded slowly. Therefore, collagen is more suitable to establish a good skin base.
Ms. Nobemura
I see. Then, I would like to know if it is okay to take collagen with an empty stomach?
Mr. Uchiyama, researcher
Yes, that is okay in general. It is okay to take it with an empty stomach.
Ms. Nakahashi
Is there a way to take collagen in accordance with hormone balance? I would like to know how effective it can be for my body beforehand.
Mr. Uchiyama, researcher
I see. That is a good question. Though we have discussed it when we were doing the monitor test, unfortunately, hormone levels are different for each person and so is the balance. So, we were not able to obtain detailed data.

Is there something we can take with collagen?

Ms. Murakoshi
I think everyone takes various supplements and eat good things for the body. I am the same. If I hear that pork knuckles are good for us, I feel I will have to eat it! I will try it immediately (laugh). So, is there something that be taken or eaten with collagen?
Mr. Uchiyama, researcher
All supplements are basically food so there is no problem taking them together.
Ms. Murakoshi
I see. I am relieved. However, I take allergy medicine for my pollen allergy. Is it okay to take it together?
Mr. Uchiyama, researcher
Since it is not a supplement (food), please consult your doctor or pharmacist as everyone takes different medicines.

Survey of long term trial users

Ms. Nakahashi
Of course, there are individual differences with regard to collagen increase, but how do you monitor the users and for how long?
Mr. Uchiyama, researcher
We asked the trial users to cooperate with one year of testing.
Wow, that is amazing! That long?!
Mr. Uchiyama, researcher
Yes, that is right. We conducted many verifications. The result shows that they were able to feel the effect in about 2 months. Also, the effect will reach the peak in half a year and stays flat from there. If you stop taking it, the effect will also decrease.

In addition, questions about aging…

Ms. Nakahashi
You mentioned earlier “aging causes functional decrease at the cellular level”, when is the aging that you are referring to here?
Mr. Uchiyama, researcher
Right. Here, aging doesn't mean from what age. What I mean is with age, everyone's function at the cellular level will decline. When you notice the problem, you can start to take actions.

This time, the healthy beautiful girls have learned a lot from the researcher, Mr. Uchiyama, who has been researching collagen on the front line for many years. Though they all know some basics, but they seem to have learnt some new things. On the other hand, Mr. Uchiyama also heard real feedbacks directly from those who take supplements regularly. It was an enjoyable and meaningful session for both parties.


Taro Uchiyama, researcher

Shiseido GIC (Global Innovation Center)

Joined Shiseido in 1991 and was assigned to the Pharmaceutical Research Labo. Engaged in development research of hormones and anti-inflammatory agents. Transferred to Food Labo in 2004. In charge of development of beauty health supplements and specific health foods. Currently manager of Healtcare Development Group at Advanced Research Center (ASR)

Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharmacist


  • Yuriko Tamura

    A personal trainer, a chiropractor and manages a body care shop. She was awarded the grand prize for best body at Japan's Tokyo Tournament in 2016. She likes to challenge herself with various things.

  • Yae Nobemura

    A pilates, yoga and facial yoga instructor. She also provides lessons for companies and nursing homes.

  • Mai Nakahashi

    A radio announcer, MC. She regularly runs 3 to 5 times a week and does belly dancing once a week. She loves to move her body and is curious about everything.

  • Mika Murakoshi

    A yoga and pilates instructor. She obtained licenses for massage therapist in the state of Hawaii and from the yoga alliance. She is also a columnist for healthy beauty and works as an instructor for breast cancer awareness.