Understanding collagen

It is well known that “collagen” is beneficial to the skin, but do you know that it is also an essential component in various tissues in our body? Collagen in the body exists in various parts such as the skin, bones and cartilages, nails and teeth, blood vessels and internal organs, functioning as a foundation of the body. Here, we will introduce in detail how collagen functions in our body.

Collagen for Body Composition and Beauty #1 What kinds of damages will decrease in collagen cause?

Though collagen has a low nutritional value, as introduced in the “Basic Knowledge of Collagen”, it plays a very important role in the protein that forms the framework of the body and organs. When collagen in the body is reduced, not only wrinkles and sagging will occur easily, but various body tissues will also become fragile. For example, the collagen present in the bones maintains the inner flexibility of the bones preventing them from becoming brittle and fragile. As you age, the more prone you are for osteoporosis, which it not only caused by calcium deficiency but also the decrease in collagen with age.
Collagen not only creates beautiful skin and gives skin firmness, it also helps to keep the entire body healthy.

Collagen for Body Composition and Beauty #2 New focus on “blood vessels” and “collagen”

When the function of blood vessels is decreased, oxygen and nutrients cannot be delivered to every parts of the body causing cell functions to also decrease. As a result, from over 20 years of research in food collagen, Shiseido is focusing on “blood vessels” and “collagen” that are spread all over the body.

Dermal stem cells are present next to the capillaries

Dermal stem cells that are next to the capillaries

Collagen is produced from dermal fibroblasts. Dermal stem cells can replace damaged fibroblasts and produce new healthy fibroblasts. Dermal stem cells are present near the blood vessels.
By strengthening blood vessels and improving blood flow, it will lead to a better environment for dermal stem cells and increase the ability to produce collagen.

Collagen is present in blood vessels

Blood vessels also contain collagen

Thick blood vessels like arteries and veins are composed of tunic externa, media and intima that are in which composed of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin. Poor blood vessel function results in hard and fragile blood vessels that worsen blood flow.

Capillaries that deliver nutrients to the cells

Capillaries are made of endothelial cells and parietal cells and the basement membrane between them connects the endothelial cells and parietal cells.
There is also collagen in the basement membrane.

“Blood vessel strengthening”, the function of collagen

Collagen works together with elastin to soften and strengthen blood vessels. Also, the strengthening of blood vessels and improvement of blood flow leads to the increase of ability to make collagen in the body. By preparing the function of blood vessels, it can result in the activation of every cell in the body to realize health and beauty and lead to the ability to use human's original strength to improve fundamental body condition.

Collagen for Body Composition and Beauty #3 The power of beauty fruits for blood vessels and collagen

Shiseido has studied collagen from various angles. Leading to the track record of over 30 years, what is the new focus of the natural “beauty fruits”? Let's look into their unique functions and unknown power that bring beauty and beauty.

Cowberry + Amla Fruit

By increasing “stem cell stabilizing factors”, the decrease in dermal stem cells with age can be suppressed and new healthy fibroblasts produced.

Cowberries can be found in the arctic circle, Canada, etc., growing in the wild and surviving in extreme coldness, fruits with strong vitality.
In northern Europe, people consume them for health and beauty purposes
Corresponding collagen production from dermal stem cells

Star Fruit Leaf Extract

In addition to the activation of “Tie2” factor of endothelial cells, which adhere capillaries and lymphatic vessels of endothelial cells and parietal cells, it also promotes collagen production.

★Star Fruit
A plant that grows in tropical Asia.
Though its Japanese plant name is “gorenshi”, it is called a star fruit for its star-shaped cross section.
Tie2 activation effect
When formulated with star fruit leaf extract, the activation rate of “Tie2” is high
Collagen production promotion effect
When formulated with star fruit leaf extract, there is high collagen production

Amla Fruit

In addition to promoting the expression of dermal stem cell stabilizing factor and collagen production (see above), we also focus on its blood flow improvement effect.

★Amla Fruit
A plant that grows in India and Southeast Asia.
It is a fruit that has been well known in India as it appears in mythology and is eaten today for health purposes.
Effect on blood flow improvement
By looking at the change in body temperature of the foot soaked in cold water, blood flow is shown to be better with intake of amla fruit extract.


As an internal substance that suppresses leakage of lymphatic vessels, it has functions like apelin and is expected to suppress fat cell hypertrophy, which is a factor of sagging. Further, it has been confirmed that it is effective in improving sleep quality, a basis of health.

★Gardenia (contains crocetin)
An evergreen tree grown in Southeast Asia.
Crocetin is a coloring ingredient found in the gardenia fruit and is used as a yellow dye for sweetened chestnut and pickled radish in Japan.
Leakage of lymphatic vessels
Apelin suppresses leakage of lymphatic vessels
Effect on sleep quality improvement
Crocetin enhances the feel of deep sleep