Protects the skin perfectly
and prevents dark spots

The most powerful*
UV milk

*Rated SPF50+/PA++++, with the highest water-resistant effect in the ANESSA series.
For a SUNstainable world
SPF 50+ PA++++
<Sunscreen Emulsion> 60mL
For face and body
Non-sticky emulsion

How is it different from a UV gel?

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Secrets of its evolution

Auto Repair Technology
The UV Double Defense Technologies
perfectly protect the skin in the eye area

and cheeks where dark spots easily
  • NEW1Auto Veil Technology
    Sunscreen rubs off through the most common, subtle facial movements, such as laughing, talking or even blinking!
  • 2Auto Booster Technology
    The UV-blocking film will become more powerful when it comes into contact with sweat, water, heat or moisture in the air!
    *Conceptual drawing showing how it responds to the moisture in the air
  • NEW3Contains Beauty Skin
    Sun Essence
    Contains some plant-derived ingredients Beauty Skin Sun Essence (moisturizing)
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Initiatives for a SUNstainable world
CO2 emission of materials using each product based on LCA. The LCA is a technique for assessing potential environmental impact and aspects associated with a product (ISO14040)