An essential step in your daily routine before going out

UV Gel for Beautiful, Radiant Skin

Strong UV protection for radiant, translucent skin

SPF50+ PA++++

With a texture that melts into the skin, UV Gel locks in moisture while providing powerful UV protection to prevent dark spots! Leaving skin radiant, it is a perfect UV protection for daily use.

Medicated Brightening UV Gel

A toning-up effect that enhances natural complexion

SPF50+ PA++++

Formulated with medicated brightening ingredients, it prevents dark spots while providing UV protection. The lavender-pink gel corrects dullness to bring out the translucence of your natural skin.

Sunblock and skincare at the same time


A combination of sunblock and skincare
for supple, moisturized skin

SPF50+ PA++++

As smooth as a serum, this UV essence emulsion features a UV-blocking technology that also converts UV rays into skin-beautifying light.

For sports and leisure activities

The most powerful* UV milk

Skin protection from harsh UV environments

*Rated SPF50+/PA++++, with the highest water-resistant effect in the ANESSA series.
SPF50+ PA++++

The UV-blocking film will become more powerful when it comes into contact with sweat, water, heat or moisture in the air. With an amazingly smooth texture, this item is pleasant to use!
**Under high-humidity environment during hot season

A quick spray on the go

Powerful UV spray

Powerful spray sunscreen ideal
for touch-ups and hair

SPF50+ PA++++

Powerful spray sunscreen that is easy to apply.
This beauty sun care product helps the skin look its best today and tomorrow.

A day caring skin roughness


Comfortable UV protection for sensitive skin

SPF50+ PA++++

Despite having a powerful protecting from UV rays,
it is developed based on a hypoallergenic formula
and has a smooth texture. It can be used safe for all ages,
from babies* to adults!
*Excluding newborns


Moisture UV gel for sensitive skin

SPF35 PA+++

Formulated with beauty ingredients,
the mild gel protects skin from dryness and damage from UV rays, keeping skin moisturized. It can be used safe for all ages, from babies* to adults!
*Excluding newborns

A time-saving tip for your busy morining


All-in-one UV protection,
makeup primer, and foundation

SPF50+ PA+++

A time-saving tip for your busy mornings.
Enhanced by exposure to sweat or water,
the UV protective veil gives the skin a beautiful, fresh finish.

  • 1 Slightly bright ocher

  • 2 Medium ocher

For dedicated refills

Exclusively available on watashi+
  • 1 Slightly bright ocher

  • 2 Medium ocher


BB Foundation

Natural light coverage
and UV protection

SPF35 PA+++

All-day beauty with new BB sunscreen.BB foundation with strong UV protection even with sweat or sebum.

  • 1 Slightly bright ocher

  • 2 Medium ocher

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