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STORE CONCEPT A place to experience “ALIVE with Beauty”

When you’re beautiful on the outside, it will give you confidence and make you fulfilled on the inside.
When you are fulfilled on the inside, your feeling of being alive and your beauty will be reflected on the outside.

This is a place where you can experience #ALIVEwithBeauty,
a world where such cycle of outer and inner beauty grows and expands indefinitely.

When technology meets the human touch that speaks to your five senses,
you will discover new beauty within you that you didn’t know was there.

Human Touch
Personalized counseling
by a beauty professional
Latest Technology
A new make-up experience
like never before with content featuring
the latest digital technology

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The wristband you will use in the store can record the products you want and the results of your digital content experience.
Simply hold your wristband over the sign and add the desired product into the cart. You can check out at the cashier and receive the goods immediately. You can also see your experience results on your smartphone after leaving the store.


Leah is your Intelligent Beauty Partner who will help you discover your beauty.
Leah is a Latin word meaning “carrying good news.” She is a messenger that will help you notice your hidden beauty and guide you through your journey to discover it.
Now, let’s go on a beauty trip with Leah.

LeahVirtual Store

An online store where you can freely browse around the 1st, 2nd, and basement floor and enjoy virtual experiences anytime, anywhere. You can not only get detailed information about skincare and makeup products but also have access to lots of beauty tips only available here. You can buy online if you find the right product for you.

Virtual Store