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INNER BEAUTY CHARGE is a new meditation experience that has never existed before. Through three sessions of Disconnect, Reset & Recharge, and Feeling Lighter, guided by a voice using headphones, this experience awakens your true beauty. (Up to 4 people can join.)
4,400 yen (tax included)
(original blend tea (tea leaves) included)
About 30 minutes
*The time before and after the lesson is not included.
Flow of the Session
  1. 1. Disconnect

    Take a break from busy life and go inward. The relaxing scents and music will help you to slow down your breathing.

  2. 2. Reset & Recharge

    Among the four courses, the one that suits you now will be selected. Enter the state-of-the-art meditation pod ‘SOMADOME’ to reset and recharge your mind and body with a unique program that stimulates the five senses with scents, sounds and light. Free your five senses inside the space of your very own, turn inward, and concentrate to let the power of beauty flow out from within.

  3. 3. Feeling Lighter

    Review your physical and mental state during the meditation and learn and feel the effects of the experience. By looking at your inner self objectively, you will discover a new you that you never noticed before.

  4. *After the experiences, you will receive a free gift of original blend tea (tea leaves).

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