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a global project by SHISEIDO
to realize a sustainable and
even more beautiful world, starts.

Make the world more beautiful.
SHISEIDO will launch SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY ACTIONS, which aim not only to protect the beauty of the Earth, but also to make it even more beautiful.

Along the three pillars of “MOTTAINAI (recycle and reuse),” “HARMONY (harmony with society and environment),” and “EMPATHY (resonation),” the company will engage itself in developing the beauty of the environment, society, and individuals.

We invite you to join this journey to sustainable beauty with us.

a brand-new refill service inspired
by the “Mottainai” spirit of Japan,
starts from November 19, 2020.


As a first step of the project, the new refill service for “Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate N” starts from November 19 (Thu), 2020, at the SHISEIDO GLOBAL FLAGSHIP STORE.
Please bring your empty Ultimune bottle to us to have it cleaned under hygienic conditions and be refilled with fresh serum following thorough sanitary control procedures.

  • SHISEIDO Membership Program registration is required to use this service.

New product “AquaGel Lip Palette,”
the world’s first*1 lip palette
using PHBH®,
is a first step towards
harmonization with the sea.
On sale from November 1, 2020

AquaGel Lip Palette

A lip color palette created with care and consideration for the environment to make the future ocean so beautiful that you will want to kiss it.
This is the world's first cosmetic product that comes in a container made of biodegradable material PHBH®.*2 A set of five watery, translucent lip colors that are light and comfortable to wear.
On sale in limited numbers at the GLOBAL FLAGSHIP STORE from Sunday, November 1

AquaGel Lip Palette (5 colors included) 3,080 yen (tax included)
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  • *1This is the first time in the world that Kaneka's biodegradable polymer PHBH® is used for a cosmetic container.
  • *2Kaneka's proprietary 100% plant-derived polymer, which is considered biodegradable in a wide range of environments, such as under the sea and in soil.

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